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Today In Twitterverse: 1 Fairway Drive

Can a vacant home find a buyer on Twitter? Let’s find out! Follow 1fairwaydrive for the full story.

Titles Are Static. Media Is Not.

Lots of people who are looking for work are asking Scoble for advice. And Scoble has copious advice for these seekers. Let’s just look at one item he offers: Demonstrate you are “clued in.” This means removing ANYTHING that says you are a “social media expert” from your Twitter account. There is no such thing […]

In The Deep End With Kevin Kelly

You know how you sometime finds things right when you need them, or when they will make the most sense to you? I just bought a new MacBookPro this week and I can’t get thousands of songs I “own” to play in iTunes, thanks to a DRM glitch somewhere. It’s maddening, this denial of my […]

Self-Promo Ad #3

Type too small? Click through to the Craigslist listing. This is my shape shifters appeal. Media and marketing are not what they were, and they won’t be tomorrow what they appear to be today. You can wonder about it, complain about it, ignore it, join the circus or any number of other options, but the […]

Even Political Advertising Has Its Shiny Little Trophies

There was a plethora of political advertising to consider last year (we examined much of it on AdPulp). So it shouldn’t come as a surprise (or does it?) that the category has its own awards show, The Reed Awards, which is happening tonight. The Reeds, recognizing excellence in campaign management, political consulting and political design, […]

Man’s Handheld Survives Memphis Meltdown

It’s rare, but sometimes flies get caught in the social media honey. There are two such stories floating today. One involves a man who murdered his wife after she changed her status from “Married” to “Single” on Facebook. Marshall Kirkpatrick at ReadWriteWeb has the goods on that one. The other story is about a PR […]

Tradigital Talent Is Still Rare In These Parts

Owen Hannay, chairman and CEO of Dallas agency Slingshot, suggests in Adweek that clients ought to ask five tough questions of agencies proposing to handle both traditional ad duties and digital marketing. 1. Is the agency team that leads brand strategy as adept and knowledgeable about the digital space as it is the traditional space? […]

Chained To Your Desk When You Could Be Carving Turns

We’ve had our National Day of Reconciliation, now the freakers who shred Copper want a National Snow Day. They want it so bad, they asked Wexley School for Girls to make a video promoting the concept. There’s also a microsite, complete with an online petition. Because Americans who ski and snowboard “deserve the thrill of […]