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Baby Boomers Keep Going Back to the Well

“A touch of gray kind of suits you anyway” -Robert Hunter Just for Men is using music from Cream and a product name from Grateful Dead to sell aging hippies (who long ago became something else) on artificial hair color. I hardly know where to begin with this, it’s so far beyond bad. [via Make […]

The Need for Advertising Is Black and White

Belarusian fashion model, Maryna Linchuk, is one of The Gap’s new stylemakers, joining Liv Tyler, Scott Schuman, Chanel Iman, Clemence Poesy and others in the fashion brand’s latest print campaign. See FabSugar for more images, or Ad Age for some of the business thinking behind the approach.

The Loyal Treatment

With the news that Enfatico employees had to replace their Macs with Dells for Michael Dell’s visit, I was reminded of the time I worked for a Pepsi agency, and in my first week on the job some Jr. AE bitched at me about having a Dr. Pepper. I didn’t work on Pepsi at the […]

Take This Job And Film It

Examples of advertainment or brand-sponsored entertainment are cropping up at a regular interval now. Could it be, brands–consumer and B2B–are ready to embrace this form of content full on? I think yes, especially when you factor in the internet as an affordable distribution channel for the content. Navistar International Corporation, which markets a new long-haul […]

A Peek Behind Nike’s Product Development Curtain

Ed Cotton of Butler Shine & Stern points to video testimonials from inside Nike’s R&D labs. His takeaway is that brands have an opportunity to think like and act like media companies today. As a Content Director working on behalf of brands, I couldn’t agree more.

It’s Mostly Garbage

I could give you a dozen or more reasons why advertising sucks, but there’s no need. There’s no need because there’s an entire blog dedicated to the topic. “RestrictionsApply” at Why Advertising Sucks spells it out pretty nicely. I blame my dad for making me realize the truth. He once asked me the following: “How […]

Today in Twitterverse: Holland House

Canadian photographer, Kris Krug, is in China for the Olys and Dutch beer. Uhm… God bless Holland. Heineken House rawks. More croquettes, frites, beers and blondes than I know what to do with. 😉 This video is the work of Robert Scales, another Vancouverite in China. I’m thinking Krug and Scales might know each other.

It’s Not A Diet, It’s A Challenge

Clive Thompson, writing for Wired, explains why losing weight with Weight Watchers is easy, and even fun, to do. Weight Watchers is an RPG. That’s “role playing game” for those over 40.