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If You Want to Have Some Say, Become A Client

Dave Linne, 47, a former creative director at Leo Burnett is now in a new role at ConAgra. That’s right, he is now a client. As senior VP-advertising, global market strategy, Linne believes he will have more impact on the work, according to Ad Age. Creatives at Nitro, DDB/San Francisco, Venables Bell & Partners, Element […]

RNC Frames One of This Year’s Defining Issues

The Republican National Committee has dropped $3.4 million to blast Barack Obama’s energy policy on television in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Brad Todd, with the firm OnMessage Inc., created the spot and said it would air through next week. Obama spokesman Hari Sevugan slapped back, saying McCain promises to “continue the Bush approach of […]

Bubbles Within Bubbles Within Bubbles

Andrew Ross Sorkin of The New York Times is in Sun Valley, Idaho for Allen & Company’s annual confab. Yesterday, Internet pioneer Marc Andreessen, who now runs the social networking site Ning, sounded his alarm. In a morning panel session titled “Looking Around the Corner to the Future” – which, like all meetings here are […]

Next Up: Think It And A Blogging Service Will Capture It

Posterous is a new blogging service that has taken the “Simplify” process to its ultimate conclusion, and given email a much needed boost in the process. Interactive agency Big Spaceship is on board, and Newsweek is writing about it. The new kid on the block is Posterous, which made its debut last week and is […]

Table It

When you work in advertising you sit at a lot of conference room tables. But what do these tables say about the organization in question? According to Ruth Haag, president and CEO of a hazardous-waste consulting firm, the tables say a great deal. • A round table hampers decisions. • A long, thin table encourages […]

Blah Blah Blahgs

Digg’s founder, Kevin Rose, wonders if blogs have jumped the shark. I wonder if the phrase “jumped the shark” has jumped the shark, but I digress. Picking up on this is Kansas City-based creative generalist Jeremy Fuksa. It seems there’s a better way to share information. I hardly read RSS feeds anymore. I get all […]

Found on Flickr

According to The New York Times, Getty Images will scour Flickr for images it might be able to sell. Getty editors will comb Flickr in search of interesting images. They will then invite photographers to participate in the program and ensure that their images have the proper releases to be licensed legally. Those who are […]

McCain Feels The Love

One of the things we rarely see in consumer advertising is a back-and-forth message sparring between 2 brands. That’s why the political season is so fascinating to me. And while I’m not a McCain supporter, this is a pretty sharply written spot: UPDATE: Well, maybe the McCain team isn’t deserving of all the credit. The […]