Blah Blah Blahgs

Digg’s founder, Kevin Rose, wonders if blogs have jumped the shark. I wonder if the phrase “jumped the shark” has jumped the shark, but I digress.
Picking up on this is Kansas City-based creative generalist Jeremy Fuksa.

It seems there’s a better way to share information. I hardly read RSS feeds anymore. I get all my links and information from tweets. All the blogs I truly care about tweet links to their posts, so RSS reading has almost fallen by the wayside for me as well.
So, you tell me. Am I jumping the gun here, or have blogs as we know them begun to lose their relevancy?

I’ll try to answer that. Linking to stories on Digg or another site isn’t the same as commenting on stories, or writing original pieces on one’s site. And microbursts on Twitter are not comprehensive enough to replace more in depth posts on one’s site. It seems to me that these things work best, when they work together.



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