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AMP Energy must be a fun account to work on. [via Sunil Shibad]

Can A Netflix-Style Service Save Magazines?

I gotta admit, I love me some magazines. Lots of ’em. And I really dig this idea: Magazine buying may get an Internet-era makeover in September when Time Inc. launches Maghound, a service that promises to blend the convenience of subscriptions with the flexibility of newsstand sales. Customers will pay a monthly fee for home […]

The Man Has A Plan

I’m impressed with the efforts of T. Boone Pickens to help solve America’s energy crisis. Given his wealth and first-hand knowledge of the subject, he’s in a better position to move us in the right direction than anyone in Washington. “This is not about Republicans vs. Democrats,” Pickens says. “This is about saving our country […]

Oregon Flashback

[via Nike Vintage]

Silicon Man

Reid Hoffman is an interesting guy. He’s head honcho at LinkedIn, and an investor in Facebook, Digg, Flickr and Six Apart. According to Los Angeles Times, he’s also an Oxford-trained philosopher who peppers his conversations with lively references to literature and film. Hoffman became self-reliant at an early age, persuading his father to send him […]

Behind The Scenes at Pop17

Pop17 is a two-to-three minute daily exploration to track, analyze and understand the new cultural phenomenon of online micro-celebrity. TechCrunch, Virgin America and Perkett PR sponsor the show. The show’s host, Sarah Austin has an extensive Wikipedia entry. The sentence on Wikipedia that got my attention is: In the tradition of Paul Krassner, she sometimes […]

Once Upon A Time, Wunderman Was a Direct Shop

Chicago interactive shop Design Kitchen, has been bought by WPP Group’s Wunderman, an agency network busy employing revisionist history. According to Adweek, Wunderman has made a series of acquisitions over the last year-plus to increase its digital heft. These include purchasing Blast Radius last October and six interactive firms in international markets. Wunderman also bought […]

The Smaller The Pond, The Bigger The Fish

Joe Erwin of Greenville, SC agency, Erwin-Penland wrote a piece for Ad Age on attracting creative talent to smaller markets. He suggests mining the local talent pool for all its worth and employing PR tactics. He also suggests “investing considerable resources in promoting the surrounding area” as Erwin-Penland has done with “Food for Thought: A […]