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Bullshit Called

It used to be that nothing lasted forever. In today’s world of hyperlinked information that maxim needs an update. Something like “nothing lasts more than a year or two” would be more appropriate. Witness: The A-list is dead. Jason Calacanis will blog no more. Hugh MacLeod and jolly old England are divorced. And most impressive […]

Happiness Not Included

Ancient Greek philosopher, Epicurus, asserted happiness was the result of friendships, freedom and an analyzed life. Modern day British philosopher Alain de Botton, takes these Epicurean tenets and expounds on them in relation to the pursuit of happiness in today’s consumerist society. This video plays for 24 minutes, but it’s well worth the investment. Near […]

Building Community the Old Fashioned Way

Mercury Advertising in Bozeman has the right idea. They know advertising is a powerful medium that can (and should) be used to help people. At least some of the time. By the way, Mercury is looking for a new copywriter and art director to join their activist team.

Question Of The Day: Is It Just Me…

or do most of the viral/microsite/buzzworthy things get most of their traction because of ad industry publications and blogs? I’m wondering because of the Converse discussion, and it occurred to me that I’d never hear about 95% of the viral stuff unless I read it on a blog or in Adweek or something. Seems that […]

paidContent Gets Paid

Kara Swisher of All Things Digital is reporting that Rafat Ali of paidContent is about to come into to some serious coinage. Britain’s Guardian Media Group is set to announce this morning that it will buy the company that runs the high-profile digital media news site paidContent for a price “north of $30 million.” The […]

People Who Like Country Music, Also Like Vitamin Water?

No, But I Did Watch “The Smart Show” Last Night

According to Ad Age, Holiday Inn Express and its digital agency, Digitas, are embarking on season two of “The Smart Show”, a branded entertainment offering. The 40 new episodes of “The Smart Show” will appear twice a week on, and will air through October. 76% of the first season’s viewers indicated they would be […]

How Not to Sell Shoes in 2008

Converse is an iconic brand. Which leads me to wonder why they would choose to lean on a young woman who needlessly claims to be “hot” on five interlinked microsites—,,, and According to Adweek, Converse’s agency, Anomaly, declined to comment on the effort.