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No German Sedan For Old Men

David Griner, writing on Adfreak (despite the fact that he now works for an agency in Alabama), points to some nice work from Mercedes’ agency Abbott Mead Vickers in London. Josh Brolin stars in the spot above. There’s something very Cadillac–and theatrical–about this new campaign.

Slideshow MashUps

| View | Upload your own In the slideshow above, Uwe Gutschow and Don Longfellow from Saatchi & Saatchi LA, have expanded upon Paul Isakson’s earlier work. Neil Perkin also developed a derivative work from Isakson’s original. The Saatchi piece above neatly describes my own thoughts about content’s role in advertising. From two of their […]

Doritos Punks NASA

Once again, marketers have taken the lead in the quest to discover extra-terrestrial life. As NASA’s Phoenix Lander pitifully fumbles and pants, trying to scoop dirt into an oven on Mars, Doritos broadcasts a 30-second spot into space. A few months back, the brand challenged the British public to create a spot that summed up […]

Agency Culture In A Petri Dish

Denver invented a better ad club and a better local awards show, according to Matt Ingwalson, a senior copywriter at Karsh/Hagan in Denver. I’m sure they are better, but I’m not all that interested. Ingwalson did pique my curiosity with this line, though: Ad agencies are launching social networks, incubating new technologies, and inventing fresh, […]

Bay Area Brethren Stick Together

Ad Age, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and just about everyone else is writing about the Yahoo/Google get together (and what a poke in the eye it is for Microsoft). From The Times: Google and Yahoo said Thursday that they had reached an agreement under which Google would deliver ads next to […]

Today In Twitterverse: Redundancies Unneeded

Jeffrey Zeldman is the founder and executive creative director of Happy Cog, a web design agency with offices in New York City and Philadelphia. Clients include Advertising Age, AIGA, and Amnesty International USA.

Hands On The Wheel

The video above shows five different driving instructors going ballistic on a kid who won’t stop talking on his cell phone. But what’s simply funny to some is actually part of a new interactive marketing strategy from Parrot, a European-based bluetooth technology company. According to Feed Company, the video was designed by Parrot’s agency GroundZero […]

Wenda! Wenda! Wenda!

I’d never heard about Wenda Harris Millard before. My bad. Thanks to Brian Morrissey at Adweek (and Catharine P. Taylor’s pointer) I now know better. In a talk with Federated Media Publishing founder John Battelle at the Conversational Marketing Conference in New York yesterday, she said, “emotional creativity that has been key to building brands” […]