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Shiny Objects Can Be Blinding, As Well

Steve Rubel of Micropersuasion has been hyping Friend Feed on his Twitter feed religiously. Now the two most recent posts to his blog are about how wonderful the service is. Hi. My name is Steve and I suffer from Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS for short). SOS describes the digerati’s never-ending obsession with emerging social sites. […]

Dreaming of a GTI

Shot in Cape Town, South Africa – the commercial was made by Gordon Ray and Jamie Mietz of Ogilvy and shot by Greg Grey of Velocity Africa. [via Cherryflava]

Cognitive Mapping Can Lead Customers To Checkout

We often talk about placing the customer, not the brand, in the center of the action online. According to Technology Review, the brainiacs at MIT are well beyond just talking about it. They’re doing it. The researchers built a prototype website for British Telecom, set up to sell broadband plans. The website is designed so […]

XX Advertainment

According to Stuart Elliott of The New York Times, Dos Equis beer will present a reality series on the Mojo HD cable network that will chronicle the search for an assistant to a character who is featured in the brand’s advertising campaign, a person of wealth and taste known as the Most Interesting Man in […]

If You Don’t Know Your Past, You Don’t Know Your Future

How important is knowing the history of advertising, or business in general? We’re so focused on the here and now, many people simply don’t care. The history of advertising, pop culture, and business in general is quite vast. I’ve always believed more knowledge is always better, no matter what the subject. And it’s amazing how […]

Traffic Has The Drive

According to Ad Age, an aptly named but relatively unknown Los Angeles agency just landed an important car account. Mitsubishi Motors America handed its $155 million U.S. creative account to a relative newcomer, Hollywood-based independent agency Traffic. Less than a year old and largely unknown, Traffic is part-owned by The Cimarron Group, but still has […]

Today In Twitterverse: In the Air Tonight

Susan Bratton is CEO and co-founder of Personal Life Media.

McCain Is Not A Mac–Or A PC

A few weeks ago, I wrote on Talent Zoo that despite the hype, there are still people who don’t use the Net or care about new media. And for many, it’s a choice, not a factor of age, class, or income. Apparently, this digital divide includes the man who wants to be the leader of […]