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Creature Tosses Some Shit Our Way

If you have yet to join Ad Club Seattle, this spot from Creature might persuade you.

First “X” Now “S”

Publicis Groupe is intent on helping corporations go green. As such, they’ve purchased Act Now, a pioneering sustainability consultancy in San Francisco. Effective immediately, Act Now will be part of the new Saatchi & Saatchi S network. The group’s mission is to “activate corporate and consumer action on a mass scale to address environmental and […]

Recession Proof Your Business with Sex, Guns & Booze

Drawing The Story Out Of The Brand

Shelly Lazarus, the CEO of Ogilvy & Mather, is speaking my language. “Brands are more than checkbooks to develop content. Brands are cultural artifacts that have inherent story values. We see ourselves as being both in the entertainment business and the product business.” But she loses me here: “We can come up with a brand […]

Google’s Stock Slides. Executive Team Says, No Worries.

In this day of quarterly numbers and short-term decisions, it’s refreshing to see a company move counter to this trend. According to The Wall Street Journal, Google is such a company. Messrs. Brin, Page and Schmidt made it starkly clear in Google’s so-called “Owner’s Manual,” filed as part of the company’s IPO prospectus in April […]

MySpace Invites Developers to the Social

MySpace is now “open” for business. According to The Wall Street Journal, MySpace will formally launch the MySpace Developer Platform next Tuesday with a kickoff event and workshop at its new San Francisco office. The company said the program should result in innovations in how friends connect and communicate. MySpace already has informally allowed developers […]

LesserEvil Takes On The Big Boys With A Great Story

If there’s two things I love, it’s sweet n’ salty kettle corn and challenger upstart brands with great stories. Combine those and you get LesserEvil Snacks. The packaging caught my eye at Fresh Market so I picked it up, and the writing on the box was great. As is the fun brand story on their […]

Finding The Right Hook For A Political Ad

Steve Novick is a candidate for the U.S. Senate in Oregon. He was also born without a left arm. That doesn’t seem to stop him much: Nice.