LesserEvil Takes On The Big Boys With A Great Story

If there’s two things I love, it’s sweet n’ salty kettle corn and challenger upstart brands with great stories. Combine those and you get LesserEvil Snacks.
The packaging caught my eye at Fresh Market so I picked it up, and the writing on the box was great. As is the fun brand story on their website:

Here at LesserEvil, we are all about the snacks. We love to eat them. Love to share them. Love to think up wild new snacks. Simply put, we just love snacks.
When we started this company three years ago, we were all about the snacks then too. Unfortunately, we’d head to the store to pick up some snacks and have a huge predicament: pick up some healthy, yet bland snacks – or – delicious, mouth-watering but REALLY unhealthy snacks. Where was the great taste and better nutritionals? Where was the “LesserEvil?”

And the “Ask Us Anything” FAQs page is great.
So I wrote to them and got a response from Kyser Thompson, their “Chief StoryTeller,” who couldn’t have been nicer or more appreciative.
LesserEvil is the kind of brand I root for. They have all sorts of popcorn and potato snacks, without trans-fat and corn syrup. You can find it at places like Whole Foods, Fresh Market, and on their website. It’s great stuff, and I’m happy to spread the word. There are a lot brands that could learn from these guys.



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