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Digital Haves Have It Goin’ On

The fine folks at Zeus Jones in Minneapolis have put a nice slide together that reframes the debate around digital divides.

Mad Women

Nina DiSesa, chairman of McCann Erickson, New York, and author of the new book, Seducing the Boys Club, says the ad world is still a sexist place. The most dramatic change in advertising since 1962 is that most of us have stopped smoking. She adds, “Forty years after women burned their bras to liberate their […]

A Super Lesson, Revisited

Once again, we are headed toward Super Bowl Sunday. And once again, the two head coaches of the Giants and Patriots, who are leading their teams to the NFL’s premier contest, have themselves never played a day of professional football. Is there a lesson in the advertising industry can learn from this? I think so. […]

Quiznos Consumers Depict Subway in a “Disparaging Manner”

According to The New York Times, Subway is suing Quiznos and iFilm, for running less than flattering content about their sandwiches. The spot shown above was the winning entry in a 2006 contest conducted by Quiznos. Its creators won $10,000, and their video was shown on VH1 and on a giant screen in Times Square […]

Della Femina Loses Diners Over Poor Taste In Editorial

Ad man Jerry Della Femina owns a restaurant and a free weekly newspaper in The Hamptons. According to Newsday, his newspaper is causing trouble for his restaurant. A recent column about Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton in a free weekly owned by Hamptons luminary Jerry Della Femina so infuriated members of the East End […]

Brands Aren’t Social. But Brand Advocates Are.

Paul Martecchini, formerly of Yahoo, appears in a video on Brandweek to help brands understand how to play on soc nets. There’s a lot of what NOT to do, but then Martecchini points to how Adidas rolls. Martecchini says, “Nobody one wants to join the social network of a corporation. It’s too impersonal.” He believes […]

Mind The Gap

Ever wonder what three hundred of “the most influential and successful websites” would look like if they were graphed to the greater Tokyo-area train map? No? Well, take a look anyway. The good people of Information Architects Japan have done a great job presenting a ton of information in a visually intriguing way. Each subway […]

Postaer Rejects Integrated Marketing

Steffan Postaer, in an otherwise nice piece on his dad’s legacy at RPA, wanders off into a rant about integration. Pops couldn’t keep up with the times. The brave new world of banners and microsites was too much for him. Time to let the Facebook generation take over. Social networks are where it’s at. Give […]