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Fake Tits, Fake Rolex, Fake Friends…

Unhappy with the quality of your virtual friends on MySpace? No problem. You can fix it by subscribing to According to The New York Times, FakeYourSpace will enhance your page with photographs and comments from hired “friends” — mainly attractive models — for 99 cents a month each. Founder of the service Brant Walker, […]

The Greening Of Brandlandia

Financial Times reports that companies are increasingly looking to make green claims in the face of heightened consumer scrutiny. The heads of AMV BBDO, JWT, Ogilvy, RKCR/Y&R and Saatchi & Saatchi have told the FT they believe green advertising will grow in the next 12 months. The agencies say environmental branding has risen up boards’ […]

Hyundai Down Under–Loved, Hated, And Banned

My post the other day about The Richards Group losing the Hyundai account and their mediocre work made me wonder if other agencies around the world are doing anything cool for Hyundai. Well, I uncovered this New Zealand ad for my Santa Fe: Apparently, it won a Fair Go ad award–sort of a People’s Choice […]

The Apple iPhone Oscars Ad

In case you missed it:

Selling To Your MySpace “Friends”

The New York Times ponders the question: is having a lot of friends on MySpace better than having a record deal? Tila Tequila, who has 1.7 million “friends” on the News Corp.-owned site is about to find out. Her new single “I Love U,” produced by the rapper Lil Jon, will be released on iTunes […]

The Horror of Coke

Complete Washroom Solutions makes fun of fashionable coke waifs, while selling a sanitary solution. Talk about squeaky clean…

That’s Entertainment

The New York Times “Sunday Styles” section looks at a disturbing development, or excellent business opportunity, depending on one’s point-of-view regarding consumerism and celebrity worship. Screens big and small are already full of recognizable brands like Coke and Cheerios placed in strategic view, a practice known as explicit product placement. But, until recently, viewers had […]

Starbucks Searches Its Soul

The Wall Street Journal (paid sub. req.) has published an email sent by Starbucks’ CEO, Howard Schultz, revealing his inner turmoil over decisions made under his watch. It’s unusual to see a man in his position question this deeply. His email, titled, “The Commoditization of the Starbucks Experience” looks at what Schultz calls “the watering […]