Archives for February 2007

The Populists’ Primer

Christopher Carfi published a WWWWH guide to “business-driven Web 2.0 efforts” today. I like what he says about who Web 2.0 is for–the people! Web 2.0 is about people. Period. Who are the people involved? Who will be the primary contributors to the effort? What are their backgrounds? Who are they as people? In addition, […]

The Fine Art of Marketing Scotch

According to The Wall Street Journal, sales of super-premium liquors costing $150 or more a bottle were the fastest growing category in the U.S. last year, with revenue rising 18% to $2.19 billion. Johnnie Walker Blue Label–a $200 bottle–is working to capture a larger slice of that revenue. The brand sponsors about 100 gallery openings […]

Whole Foods Goes Big. Is It Going Bad?

Last week, it was Starbucks. Now, in in today’s New York Times comes a look at how success and growth has put Whole Foods under greater scrutiny: “They are at such a level you expect the best from them, and if you don’t live up to it, people notice,” said Todd Hale, a senior vice […]

The Human Processor

Seth Godin was recently afforded the privilege of seeing the uber geek in action. He noted it in his journal, like an ethologist in the field. I sat next to Cory at a conference today. It was like playing basketball next to Michael Jordan. Cory was looking at more than 30 screens a minute. He […]

Is Your Agency a Mac or a PC?

Forrester Research produces research not news flashes, so their latest study won’t come as a big surprise. Nevertheless, it’s interesting to hear the details of what most of us already know. Courtesy MediaPost: The study illustrates a major rift between marketers and agencies with some harsh survey results: On aggregate, agencies scored a dismal Net […]

The Off Position

Seattle Times reporter Nick Perry looks at an academic response to our always-on media culture. It’s tough tuning out in today’s world. Just ask a dozen communications students at Seattle University who attempted a 96-hour media-deprivation experiment: No listening to iPods or car radios. No checking e-mail. No chatting on cell phones. No surfing Web […]

Just Do It A Little Cheaper

BusinessWeek reports on Nike’s new Tailwind brand, an attempt to go “downmarket” (read: cheap shoes for cheap people.) Produced by the wholly owned Nike subsidiary, Exeter Brand Group, Tailwind, as the new brand is called, is a fashion-conscious line of footwear, officially launching in three Payless stores in Manhattan and Brooklyn on Tuesday. Initially, the […]

Gap Takes $40 Mil Hit

According to The Wall Street Journal, Gap, of San Francisco, opened 19 Forth & Towne stores over the past 18 months in a bid to tap the baby-boomer market, long considered underserved by women’s clothing stores that tended to focus on teens and young adults. But the move failed, and now Gap is closing the […]