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Activist Judges Pave The Way For A Burrito Invasion

Okay, so the headline’s a bit overstated. This BusinessWeek article focuses on a lawsuit filed when Panera Bread tried to prevent Qdoba Mexican Grill from opening nearby because Panera contended “a burrito is a sandwich.” Panera has a clause in its lease that prevents the White City Shopping Center in Shrewsbury from renting to another […]

Creator Director/Currator Presents Work By Photojournalist/Anthropologist

Saddam Mania by Teun Voeten is a complex and challenging photo exhibit of images of Iraq’s former leader that carves out new unexplored territory at the intersection of art and journalism. The exhibit is curated by Sharoz Makarechi, founder and creative director of Think Tank 3, Modern Day Think-Shop. This is the first exhibit by […]

A Star Shredder

According to the Boston Globe, Staples’ $69.99 MailMate junk-mail shredder has been cast in a supporting role in the Nov. 16 episode of the NBC sitcom “The Office,” a centerpiece of the network’s Thursday night lineup. “The Office” cameo is no mere product placement, said Staples vice president Todd Peters; the Staples MailMate, which is […]

Web Users Love To Go Fast

Edward Cotton of Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners attended the Web 2.0 Conference in San Francisco recently. Here’s a small sample of what he heard. Marissa Mayer, Vice President of Search Product and User Experience at Google gave a short, but extremely smart talk at Web 2.0 conference about the most significant thing that the […]

Wal-Mart’s Big Boo-Boo

You may recall Wal-Mart’s use of Nazi imagery in an ad meant to fight an “anti-big box” measure in Flagstaff, Arizona. Now, there’s another ugly incident. Bent Corner is reporting that t-shirts emblazoned with the Totenkopf or “Death’s Head” are currently available for purchase at your friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart. [UPDATE] Edleman, Wal-Mart’s PR firm, is […]

Branded TV Shows And Movies Freely Offered

Today’s New York Times explores the world of marketers who are busy producing their own full-length TV shows and movies: Advertisers say they are prepared to give the shows to networks free or in exchange for commercial air time; such offers could appeal to networks looking to control costs. But some network executives voiced skepticism […]

Starbucks Pays It Forward

Advertsing Age looks at a coffee giant’s random acts of kindness. Don’t be surprised if sometime between now and Christmas a stranger gives you lift tickets in Denver, skating passes in Toronto or even free parking at a Michigan hospital. They’re certainly not your typical holiday-stocking stuffers, but Starbucks is using such happy acts to […]

Best Buy Stole Christmas

Okay, here’s a lesson for all you brand builders out there: If you have a business with an e-commerce component, like say, a major electronics retailer, and you take pre-orders over the web for the hottest video game system of the Christmas season, don’t cancel all the pre-orders 3 days later, explaining that your online […]