Archives for November 2006

Gawker Media’s Silicon Valley Beat Up For Grabs

Valleywag is seeking to redefine itself. Publisher, Nick Denton says, “More money, a little less sex: that is Valleywag’s new gossip mantra.” The site is also looking for a new editor (and a junior writer) with an old-media, investigative reporting background.

Patience Bloggerman

Steve Rubel says people (and companies) starting blogs today often hope to realize overnight success. He advises against such thinking and recommends instead “blogging for search.” An executive for one of the biggest blog companies on the Web once told me that it takes a year for a blog to build substantial Google juice. Judging […]

Blogs Get The Cred They Deserve

Rueters reports that weblogs are a more trusted source of information (24 percent) than television advertising (17 percent) and email marketing (14 percent). But blogs still lag behind newspapers (30 percent) in the credibility department. The survey was commissioned by Hotwire, a public relations consultancy working in the technology sector.

Marketing In Schools Seen As Big Pimple

Ad Age looks at the struggle to keep advertising out of schools. Earlier this year, a teacher at a New Jersey private school handed out more than homework to the middle-school students: brochures and sample packets of Clearasil. The company defends it as an educational effort. “The material is all educational in terms of proper […]

Review Me

Brands want to advertise on blogs. Startups are scrambling to deliver working business models that make this easy to do so. Some will succeed. Some will fail. Such is life on the internets. is one of the new players, having launched just last week. is a service that connects advertisers and bloggers for […]

Learning As They Go

Carson Sloan and Luke Watkins, two graphic design graduates from the University of Delaware, are on a mission. They are also on a road trip. Before we take that leap, before we accept that first job, and before we dive into the competitive world of design, we have one last class to take… call it […]

Making Machines That Think

Today’s New York Times explores “the semantic web” or Web 3.0. The classic example of the Web 2.0 era is the “mash-up” — for example, connecting a rental-housing Web site with Google Maps to create a new, more useful service that automatically shows the location of each rental listing. In contrast, the Holy Grail for […]

Mississippi Goes On A Charm Offensive

A new ad campaign aims to change people’s perceptions of the state. From The International Herald Tribune: When anyone has wanted to know the country’s poorest state, or its fattest, or least educated, or sickest, or most corrupt, the answer has most often been Mississippi. It has even been rated the worst place to raise […]