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Deer, Pot And Retail

Gawker Media’s The Consumerist is always a good read (thanks to editor Ben Popken). Today, particularly so. Here’s one story from the retail sector: A huge-ass box of pot on its way to a Philadelphia drug dealer was mistakenly rerouted to the local Kmart, Saturday, where it was discovered by an employee in the stock […]

Got Room On Your Credit Card? Start A Company

The New York Times looks at the new, more fiscally conservative, approach to launching a tech venture today. Unlike most companies formed during the first Internet boom, which were built on costly technology and marketing budgets, many of the current crop of Internet start-ups have gone from zero to 60 on a shoestring. “V.C.’s hate […]

Publicis Casts Its Lure

According to International Herald Tribune, French ad people are not as promiscuous as their cohorts in London and New York. Although, Maurice Lévy, chief executive of Publicis Groupe, is trying to change that. A round of musical chairs that is reshaping the upper ranks of the French advertising world continued last week when Maurice Lévy, […]

To Err Is Human…

Bob Garfield, writing for Advertising Age, rips Goodby, Silverstein & Partners a new one. Why? Because they made a mediocre TV spot for Saturn. To see the introduction of Saturn’s Aura midsize sedan from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco, is to wonder where Goodby and Silverstein were when this thing was being produced. On […]


Jason Calacanis, CEO of AOL’s Weblogs Inc. is playing with microphones and software and stuff.

Welcome To Chicago, Ros

Lewis Lazare looks again at the fact that Chicago can be a tough town for advertising creatives. I’m careful to say, “cab be” not “is,” for Chicago has plenty of ad luminaries, now and in the past. Ros King’s first year at the helm of JWT/Chicago hasn’t exactly been the smashing success she no doubt […]

The Debut Of Freaky Fritos

With the recent trend of wholesome snack foods reaching “truly ridiculous proportions,” Frito-Lay announced Monday that it would, against its better judgment, roll out a new line of healthy fruit-and-vegetable-based chips next February. “Here,” said Frito-Lay CEO Al Carey as he disgustedly tossed a bag of the company’s new Flat Earth-brand snack crisps onto the […]

Hypertargeting a.k.a. Stalking

The Wall Street Journal looks at Unisys’ attempt to reach key influencers. Advertising has long been a game of pitches to the masses, an approach still employed by makers of soda and fast food, among many others. Increasingly however, marketers who sell to other businesses are recognizing that aiming their advertising more narrowly can be […]