Deer, Pot And Retail

Gawker Media’s The Consumerist is always a good read (thanks to editor Ben Popken). Today, particularly so.
Here’s one story from the retail sector:

A huge-ass box of pot on its way to a Philadelphia drug dealer was mistakenly rerouted to the local Kmart, Saturday, where it was discovered by an employee in the stock room. Imagine their surprise when, instead of Martha Stewart towels staring up at them, the poor Kmart employee saw the, ahem, unfamiliar sight of 25lbs of marijuana.

Here’s another:

An 8-point buck activated the automatic doors of a West Des Moines, Iowa SuperTarget and strolled right in. That’s all the information you need; on to the bad jokes from witnesses:
“Someone said he was coming to visit his cousin, Moccasins,” said Abby Frasher, an assistant manager of the store at 5405 Mills Civic Pkwy. “That’s a really bad joke. Maybe he heard our produce was really crisp.”
Frasher said the buck’s timing was impeccable, considering several of the district honchos reviewed the store’s holiday displays Monday as part of something they call “Reindeer Run.”



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