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Righteous Indignation Is A Tough Sell

Keith Olbermann is a good writer and he has good writers around him. I’m a fan of his show Countdown and I agree with most of the things he says, even now in his hyperbole-filled rant phase. Yet, as a media professional I bristle at his delivery, of late. For instance, I agree with the […]

BusinessWeek Doesn’t Care How You Consume It

MarketingVox reports that BusinessWeek has gone through a quiet revolution from print to media-neutral information source. Some 46 percent of the content on the website, in terms of word count, is exclusive to the site so far this year, compared with 33 percent in 2004. In August, reached more than 7.1 million unique users […]

Faux 80s Rockers Shill For Symantec

Symantec is using a Spinal Tap-like viral video to say, “Don’t let Internet fraud rock your world.” [via Random Culture]

Stop Racism In Soccer…Uh, I Mean Football

Some ads are so simple they just make you go, “Damn, that’s clever.” I haven’t had one of those moments recently until I saw this poster on AdLand for For those of you Americans who don’t think much about soccer, the European soccer community is having a big problem with racism among its fans […]

ESPN Freaks Out

Media Grove points to a Deadspin story highlighting one mainstream media company’s aversion to blogs. Per ESPN editorial policy, the use of “underground” web sites as a source of credible information within any ESPN platform is strongly discouraged. Specifically speaking, the use of the site “” as a source of credible information is not allowed […]

Can Bud Select Become The Cristal Of Beers?

According to San Francisco consulting firm Agenda, which tracks brand mentions in song lyrics for its annual “American Brandstand” survey, no beer brands were mentioned in hip-hop lyrics during 2005, although import brand Corona did land three mentions during 2004. Ad Age says Anheuser-Busch seeks to change the score, and has made a bold move […]

Profits Down At Yahoo

Yahoo is slipping according to The New York Times. Yahoo, the world’s largest portal, said yesterday that its profit fell sharply in the third quarter and that growth would continue to slow for two main business lines — graphic display advertising and advertising on Web searches. The company’s chief executive, Terry S. Semel, was unusually […]

There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Kinky

I wish I still lived in Texas. I’d vote for Kinky Friedman for Governor in a heartbeat. His campaign, like the man himself, is completely out of the ordinary. For advertising, he’s using Bill Hillsman, the same dude who created commercials for Jesse Ventura and Ralph Nader some years back. See more Kinky video here. […]