Archives for October 2006

“China’s Google” Picks Up MTV Programming

The New York Times says China is about to get its MTV. Viacom, one of the world’s biggest media companies, said today that it had struck a deal to provide television and music video content to Baidu, one of China’s biggest and fastest-growing internet companies., one of the world’s most trafficked web sites, is […]

Find Your Internal Advocate (Find Peace Of Mind)

Spike Jones at Brains On Fire in Greenville, SC reminds us that great creative doesn’t mean a thing if there’s no way to sell it in. If you’re going to be successful partnering with a new client, you HAVE to have an internal advocate for your cause. Without one, no matter how good your ideas […]

Blazers Blaze Another Trail

According to Internet News billionaire Paul Allen, who co-founded Microsoft with Bill Gates, and owns the Portland Trail Blazers is bringing social networking to the team’s fans. Affinity Circles, best known as a provider of private social networks to more than 60 university groups, is going pro. NBA pro. The Mountain View, Calif. software vendor […]

Perrier Tries To Look Less Stuffier

I don’t recall ever, not once, drinking a Perrier. I haven’t even thought about Perrier in years. But today’s New York Times reports a new ad campaign is trying to change consumers’ perceptions. The humorous campaign, getting under way this week, transforms the name of Perrier, the French sparkling water, into words that end in […]

Dove Tackles The Beauty Myth

Dove continues its Campaign for Real Beauty with the above clip, showing just how much makeup and retouching is done for models these days. You can decide for yourself whether the message in the spot is meaningful, hypocritical, or both. As for ruining the illusion, I’m still recovering from the shock of the Yasmine Bleeth […]

Albany Taxi Drivers Welcome Visitors To “Tech Valley”

Taxi drivers in Albany, NY have been enlisted in a word-of-mouth marketing campaign to pitch the area as a tech-savvy market to visitors. The program is a joint effort of Albany-Colonie Regional Chamber of Commerce, Capitaland Taxi and Albany International Airport. It makes perfect sense to utilize these drivers, for word-of-mouth comes naturally to them. […]

High Life For Men Again (Distributors Breathe Easy)

When I used to work on a big beer account, I was never comfortable with our need to target beer distributors first and consumers second. The thinking was no floor space means no beer sales, which does make sense despite being counter-intuitive for a creative. At any rate, beer distributors have a huge say when […]

AdPulp Born On 10.16.04

“AdPulp is the most accessible and populist ad blog. Therefore, it’s also probably the most successful.” –Vinny Warren Two years ago today, we started posting our opinions about the industry that sustains us in this space. So much has happened since then… We’ve made over 3000 posts. You’ve made close to 4000 comments on our […]