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Free Burritos For Life

When customers enter a Moe’s, they are greeted by a chorus of, “Welcome to Moe’s!” by the friendly burrito-making staff. Customer engagement is built in to this brand’s DNA. Therefore, it’s not surprising to see them ask for consumer generated videos. There’s also a promotional aspect to this campaign. Winning video directors will be able […]

Share Yours Not Mine reports on things to come for the world’s favorite video-sharing site. Google’s YouTube removed 29,549 video files from its popular Web site after receiving a demand from a group of Japanese media companies over copyright infringement, an industry group said on Friday. The television, music and movie clips had been posted without the permission […]

Companies Go Virtual/Where The Crowd Is

The New York Times offers a lucid look at Second Life and the rise of corporate activity therein. It has a population of a million. The “people” there make friends, build homes and run businesses. They also play sports, watch movies and do a lot of other familiar things. They even have their own currency, […]

Radio Shack Has Knowledge To Share

Associated Press looks at one retailer’s investment in online content. RadioShack Corp. thinks it has found a way to help consumers wondering how to edit digital photos or understand the difference between 1080i and 1080p high-def televisions: online classes. The electronics retailer on Wednesday announced a series of virtual training courses to help consumers learn […]

Social Ethnographer Calculates You Tube’s Worth

Tom Asakcer recommends this video spoofing Google’s latest high-dollar acquisition. I love the line from one of the actors, “Wow, I’ve been using YouTube for like four months and I had no idea these were videos. I thought they were pictures. This is great.”

Talk About A Seat At The Table

Irene Done points to this NY Post story about Miles Nadal–the brazen CEO of agency holding company MDC Partners. Nadal is calling on his shops to become the private-equity firms of the advertising world by investing in brands or companies – raising outside capital if necessary to get in on the action. “We’re prepared to […]

Who’s Really Watching?

There’s been some talk recently about what engagement means, if it can stand on its own as a metric, etc. The Advertising Research Foundation defines engagement as “turning on a prospect to a brand idea enhanced by the surrounding context.” Ruebel says that’s hogwash. However, the real story here might be that most metrics rely […]


Dean Hachamovitch, General Manager for Microsoft’s Iternet Explorer uses his blog to talk about the firm’s first major browser update since 2001. Today we released Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP. I encourage everyone to download the final version from We listened carefully to feedback from many sources (including this blog) and worked hard […]