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The CA Advertising Annual arrived on my doorstep the other night. I recall how much I used to look forward to pouring poring over of the industry’s finest work displayed therein. For me, those days are gone. I’m not exactly sure what happened. I guess I finally let go of the idea that I would […]

I’d Still Vote For Chris Christmas Rodriguez

Other than Jordan Buntain’s Copywriter Xmas Card, I haven’t come across too many new agency/self-promo Christmas e-cards/virals/online movies this year. Maybe I’m just out of the loop. So, if I have to hear “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” this time every year when I go into Walgreens, I think it’s fine to dig […]

Making The Most Of One’s Marquee

Allen Michaan, owner of the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, California, posts his political views for hundreds of thousands to see. The theater’s marquee faces the MacArthur Freeway (I-580). The Flickr page where these images are housed is maintained as a public service by David Gans, author, musician and longtime host of the syndicated radio […]

Yahoo’s Buying Spree Continues

Yahoo continues to acquire Web 2.0 companies. Today, it’s, the social bookmarking site. According to Tech Crunch, Yahoo now owns the two most important tagging properties on the web – flickr and Greg Yardley speculates that Yahoo paid between $30 to $40 million for the company. His thinking considers that Union Square Ventures, […]

The Sweet Scent Of Money

Japan’s Corporate News: JCB, a leading international payment brand and the largest credit card issuer in Japan, is celebrating its success with the JCB LINDA Sweet card featuring a refreshing citrus-based fragrance. The number of cards to be issued is limited to 20,000, and applications will be accepted starting December 10. JCB has recently started […]

I Think Jesus Might Approve Of Cheap Chinese-Made Sandals

Wal-Mart’s critics have found religion in their battle against the nation’s largest retailer. First, they made a movie available to church groups to stimulate discussion. Now comes the next crusade, as ABC News reports: on Thursday unveiled a religious-themed campaign Thursday asking shoppers whether God wants them to buy things from the Bentonville, Ark.-based […]

Lubricants Are Advertising On Video Games. No, Not Those Lubricants.

I knew the trend of advertising in video games was catching on, but the product range is getting quite interesting. As Reuters reports: When BP Lubricants USA wanted to raise the profile of its high-performance Castrol Syntec motor oil with ever-elusive young male consumers, it followed them into a popular racing video game. Like its […]

Worst Buy Even Worse Employer

I loathe Worst Buy. These feelings stem from the fact that they charged me an unspeakable 15% “restocking fee” when I returned a laptop computer I had in my possession a mere 18 hours. It’s a fine I refused to pay at the time, yet bill collectors still call me, hoping I will come through. […]