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If You Communicate, You’re In The Media Business.

Author and journalist, Randall Rothenberg, writing in Ad Age: Personal production technologies help realize a vision many of us have been propounding for years: that all companies, no matter their core field, will have to have expertise in two businesses: their own, and the media business. Hear hear.

The Saab Story That Refuses To Die

In a new essay over at MultiCultClassics, HighJive makes some very keen observations about the reaction to our posting about Saab’s “Born From Jets” campaign and other blogs who’ve taken on the issue: Now, it’s hardly extraordinary for bloggers to critique new campaigns. But this Saab story is a little different. As pundits posted comments, […]

Green Is Good

Business Week: Can a car company really be called green? Sure, the notion may seem far-fetched. But if anyone can, it might be Toyota. The Japanese auto maker has gotten great mileage lately out of its Prius gasoline/electric hybrid. Toyota has sold over 400,000 of these fuel-sippers and is now expanding its hybrid lineup by […]

Breathe New Life Into Bad Radio Spots

Thanks to Steve Hall at Adrants for pointing us to the Sow’s Ear Award contest. The Sow’s Ear Award contest is being conducted by Hedquist Productions in Fairfield IA, which explains their pig obsession. Currently, there are 3 produced radio spots on the Sow’s Ear Award Website. Rewrite the spot, and if your spot is […]

Putting The Dough In Donut

USA Today: A group of three private equity firms is expected to announce today a deal to buy food chain operator Dunkin’ Brands for about $2.4 billion, a source familiar with the matter says. The three firms involved are said to be Bain Capital, the Carlyle Group and Thomas H. Lee Partners. The Dunkin’ Brands […]

Out Googling Google (Yahoo to offer Movable Type)

Yahoo announced on Sunday that will partner with Movable Type to offer a custom blogging solution for small business. Yahoo will effectively act as the preferred provider of Movable Type for small business users, taking advantage of its scale and efficiency, Anil Dash, vice president of professional products for San Francisco-based Six Apart, said in […]

See Amanda Run

NYT: Amanda Congdon is a big star on really small screens – like the 4½- inch window she appears in on computer monitors every weekday morning or the 2½ inches she has to work with on the new video iPod. Ms. Congdon, you see, is the anchor of a daily, three-minute, mock TV news report […]

Tom Sherman Too Cool For Blogs

Last January, I attended Blog Walk 6.0 in Evanston. There were some impressive people in the room that day, but I particularly liked Tom Sherman. He was young, brash, smart, cynical, unaffected and angry (and I imagine he still is). After a recent hiatus from blogging, he returns with panache: Okay, so I haven’t written […]