Tom Sherman Too Cool For Blogs

Last January, I attended Blog Walk 6.0 in Evanston. There were some impressive people in the room that day, but I particularly liked Tom Sherman. He was young, brash, smart, cynical, unaffected and angry (and I imagine he still is).
After a recent hiatus from blogging, he returns with panache:

Okay, so I haven’t written in my blog in about two months. Everyone’s been hassling me about it: people online, my dad, I think the security guard at my company mentioned something lately. Whatever man. Let me tell you why I haven’t been writing lately:
Tom Sherman is boring and busy.
I haven’t even been keeping up on other people’s blogs. I think that maybe I’m too cool for blogs now. I’m pretty much testing that theory out, and testing out the theory that real life is better than blogs. I’m also testing out the theory that you shouldn’t write blog entries at 1:30 in the morning when you can’t think straight and your normal standards for quality of writing are in the dumper.

He goes on to make several observations. Here’s one:

I’m supposed to get a $50 rebate check from SBC but those assholes are claiming it’s going to take “10-12 weeks” and then “2 weeks” for processing after that. What kind of bullshit operation are they running? What kind of shit is that? I mean take the fucking form out of the fucking envelope and mail me a check. Three and a half months my white ass.

Ah, candidness. It’s a breath of fresh air.

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