Breathe New Life Into Bad Radio Spots

Thanks to Steve Hall at Adrants for pointing us to the Sow’s Ear Award contest.
The Sow’s Ear Award contest is being conducted by Hedquist Productions in Fairfield IA, which explains their pig obsession. Currently, there are 3 produced radio spots on the Sow’s Ear Award Website. Rewrite the spot, and if your spot is picked, you’ll get to produce it and get to use their VO for an upcoming spot of one of your own clients, along with some other goodies.
One of the reasons radio advertising gets a bad rap is because it’s chock full of bad local spots. The 3 finalists you can rewrite in the contest are perfect examples of that (and in a nod to my TZ column last week, one features a singing kid who can’t sing, and one is a obnoxious local furniture retailer).
So here’s your chance to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear–rewrite a bad radio spot and show how radio advertising can be good if it’s done right. Personally, I think any copywriter who can’t write a decent radio spot isn’t much of a copywriter. Hate doing it, dread doing it, fine–but don’t tell me you can’t do it. Few people in the ad world are good enough to get paid to pick and choose what types of ads they want to write.



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