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Hire Me Hire Me Hire Me

A man, who has chosen to remain annonymous, has created Hire Me Google, as a way to attract attention to his cause. A lot of people want to work for Google. I’m one of them. In order to increase my chances of ever getting noticed (let alone hired) by them I have to stand out. […]

Does Big Business Have A PR Problem?

From today’s New York Times: More than ever, Americans do not trust business or the people who run it. Pollsters, researchers, even many corporate chiefs themselves say that business is under attack by a majority of the public, which believes that executives are bent on destroying the environment, cooking the books and lining their own […]

Mini USA Picks Up Another Hottie

BSandS riding high in a Mini If you read all the way to the bottom of this NY Times article on Butler Shine & Stern’s Mini Cooper account win, you will find this nugget. Ms. Hardy and Mr. McDowell (Mini USA marketing execs) notified Butler, Shine’s employees that they won the review in a nontraditional […]

Us And Them: A Stocking Stuffer For Budding Account Planners

I wish I had taken an anthropology course in college. Because in a communication business like advertising, it’s important to understand people, their backgrounds, their formative experiences, and their current perceptions, all of which affect the way the way they make purchasing decisions. I truly believe human beings are basically groups of tribes, and not […]

Change The Music, Change The Meaning

Product Shop NYC: Spike Jonze produced one of the best Nike commercials ever, so it’s no surprise that the GAP wanted him to direct a commercial for them. His GAP commercial, titled “Pardon Our Dust”, which is promoting a massive remodeling of GAP stores, is scored with Edvard Grieg’s revolutionary masterpiece “Peer Gynt Suite”. While […]

Who Needs A Catchy Tagline When You Have A Compelling Value Proposition?

Mark Babej likes Off Soho Suites’ approach to attracting customers. What really caught my eye was the idea of putting the hotel’s positioning right on the awning. Mystique: null, and some word-smithing might be in order, too. But while other hotels (even of the budget persuasion) try to outdo each other with cliché promises of […]

Is Google Getting Evil?

I suppose “Don’t Be Evil” is a pretty good corporate mantra to have, if you must have one. But as USA Today points out, the Google backlash is starting. Lauren Fine, a media analyst at Merrill Lynch, warned in a Nov. 28 research note that the launch of services like Google Base classified advertising could […]

Branding Is Nowhere Without Operations

Jennifer Rice: An effective brand keeps its promises. Advertising should communicate the brand promise, and operations should fulfill it. Everything should work together. Think Apple, probably the most coherent brand on the planet. I’m probably going to take some heat for this, but I personally don’t believe that a traditional ad agency can do an […]