Chillin’ In The Ice Bar

Decent Marketing: We all know how a lot of corporate-themed events and experiences turn out fairly cheesy and silly. So I was a little skeptical when I read about the Absolut Ice Bar in London in the November 28 issue of Fortune magazine.

“Since it opened Oct. 1, London’s Absolut Ice Bar has been drawing locals and tourists alike to the 23 degree lair [-5 C for you international readers], where the walls are lined with ice blocks from Sweden’s Torne river and drinks are served in ice glasses. But don’t worry about bundling up — patrons are given silver coats and black gloves a the door. The effect of everyone clad in the same cloak is oddly democratic, and inside the frosty bar the mood was warmer than most hip London night spots.”

Some reviewers have found it a little frustrating — apparently there have been long waits. But others have praised the concept and the experience. As blogger Cherryl Aldave wrote, “there’s nothing worse than being drunk and hot … puke fest waiting to happen.” I guess she has a point.
I haven’t been there, but I do like the various ideas that have been woven in, like offering everyone special coats and gloves. And from what I can tell from the pics I’ve seen, it’s not plastered with Absolut logos other than one over the bar. That’s the best idea of all.



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