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Mashup Culture Goes Mainstream

Many MSM properties are stumbling their way towards Web 2.0. The Washington Post is not one of them. The Post is laying it down. Welcome to’s Post Remix site, affectionately known as This site has two goals: To spotlight the work of outside Web developers who’ve made cool and interesting projects (“mashups”) using […]

Minnesota Workboot Goes Indianapolis Casual

Adweek: Red Wing Shoe Company has tapped independent agency Young & Laramore to handle the launch of its first line of casual footwear, according to the agency. As part of the assignment, the Indianapolis agency will create an advertising campaign for the company’s first casual shoe line. The Red Wing, Minn., client is mostly known […]

Can You Say Brand Evangelism?

Positive Fanatics is a new blog about Ikea. Armand B. Frasco, the site’s author, writes: Welcome to Positive Fanatics – The Unofficial IKEA Web Journal. For most of us it starts with the catalog. Or a word overheard. The anticipation builds. Then the inevitable pilgrimage to the yellow-and-blue building. Wherever we heard it first, IKEA […]

Oddjack A Losing Hand

According to several reports, Gawker Media will shut down its gambling site Oddjack on Friday, December 2. Editor A.J. Daulerio was fired yesterday afternoon by Gakwer Media managing editor Lockhart Steele. Yanking Oddjack is the first such setback for Gawker Media, which has launched 13 other blogs since its inception in 2002. In response to […]

Should Ikea Just Assemble Its Own Advertising?

I confess that when I got my first real job a number of years ago, I drove 9 hours to the nearest Ikea to stock up on all the bric-a-brac I needed for my first apartment. So I’m a little curious as to why Ikea keeps changing ad agencies, as Adweek reports. They just split […]

Mr. Magill No Likeee

Ken Magill writing in Direct joins the chorus of blog naysayers from MSM. (blogs are) The media phenomenon responsible for the publication of more self-indulgent nonsense than any other in the history of the world. Outside politics, 99.9% of blog entries are, well, horseblit with links to more horseblit. His word “horseblit” is meant to […]

Style Over Substance Pays Off Huge For Sidney Frank

Room 116 points to a great article in New York Magazine about Sidney Frank, CEO of the Sidney Frank Importing Co. The piece describes Frank’s Gatsbyesque rise, and how he created Grey Goose vodka from thin air. In this story, the name came first—as it so often does when image is the paramount concern. Frank […]

Industrialized Nations Terrorized By End Of Oil-Based Economy

[via Adverblog]