Should Ikea Just Assemble Its Own Advertising?

I confess that when I got my first real job a number of years ago, I drove 9 hours to the nearest Ikea to stock up on all the bric-a-brac I needed for my first apartment.
So I’m a little curious as to why Ikea keeps changing ad agencies, as Adweek reports.
They just split with LA’s Secret Weapon Marketing (known for its hysterical Jack-In-The Box spots). Before that, Ikea used Crispin who won some big awards for their work. Before that, it was Carmichael Lynch, very briefly. And before that, it was Deutsch–who I think did some really interesting work for them a number of years ago. I can’t imagine who’ll be next or what type of work they’ll present to win this pitch.
People love Ikea. They’ll line up for days when a new store opens. They’ll drive hours to get to one (like I did). Ikea is a great brand, but it seems like a very fickle client. Does Ikea really need another advertising agency to tell them how to improve their brand?



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