Mashup Culture Goes Mainstream

Many MSM properties are stumbling their way towards Web 2.0. The Washington Post is not one of them. The Post is laying it down.

Welcome to’s Post Remix site, affectionately known as
This site has two goals:
To spotlight the work of outside Web developers who’ve made cool and interesting projects (“mashups”) using Post content.
To provide information about’s various data offerings (APIs and RSS feeds).
Why are we doing this? Because we want to foster innovation, and because we want to see your ideas about new ways of displaying news and information on the Web. Here are a few examples of what people have made with content:
-Frank Wiles made News Cloud, which is a tag cloud of Post stories that lets you browse stories by keyword.
-Jacob Kaplan-Moss made Ripped from the Headlines!, a daily news quiz that’s created automatically from our headline feeds.
-Adam DuVander made a world map interface to Post stories, plus a thumbnail quiz of Arts & Entertainment stories.
-Bryan Fordham made search results via RSS, which provides RSS feeds for search terms on our site.
These are the kinds of projects we’ll be spotlighting on Post Remix.
If you’ve created something using content, or if you have an idea for somebody else to implement, let us know, and we’ll include your project or idea here. Contact us by e-mailing Adrian Holovaty at adrian.holovaty (at)

Random Culture says, “the reader created applications aren’t really that impressive right now. But the impressive part is that The Washington Post sees value in opening up their content to users.”



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