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Trader Talk

We tend to think of outdoor as a mass media tool, but that’s not always the case. With specific location buys, outdoor can be highly niched and speak only to Ivy-educated, squash playing, Town Car riding, number running adrenaline junkies. [via The Spunker]

Marketing Services Blowing Up

According to Lewis Lazare, Draft/Chicago is looking to add 50 new jobs across all disciplines, including creative, account services, interactive, multicultural and health care. The hiring spurt comes in the wake of several new business wins in 2005, including the Los Angeles Times, Johnson & Johnson, the American Marketing Association and S.C. Johnson. “With clients […]

Red States, Blue States, And The State of Creativity

In an Adweek article last week, prominent ad people were asked, “It’s Thanksgiving this week. What are you thankful for?” Among the pithy comments were these, which caught my eye because they were both in the same article: Court Crandall of Ground Zero who said, among other things, “I’m thankful this will be George Bush’s […]

Steal Your Face Right Off Your Head

Grateful Dead, or what’s left of it, just made a terrible move. By demanding that their live and unreleased music be taken off sites like and, they discarded their principles and turned on their fans, or “brand evangelists” as we like to call them in Adlandia. Cory Doctorow on Boing Boing: This is […]

Would Be President Pitches Financial Schwag

According to this Washington Post story, Rev. Al Sharpton is helping to promote car title loans, a practice some legislators want to abolish, due to predatroy interest rates that can rise to over 300 percent. In commercials airing locally, the ever-colorful Al Sharpton stands on a stage with an American flag and happily declares, “Finally, […]

Fake News Keeps On Keepin’ On

Promiscuity claim lands LYNXjet Mostess in hot water. Allegations of flirtatiousness and promiscuity with a male passenger are just some of the accusations being levelled at LYNXjet “Mostess” Lola Allegra. It is alleged that in September of this year, Miss Allegra had invited a male passenger, Mr. Michael Williams into the on board spa bath […]

Lindsay Lohan Miles Away From Ordinary

[via Socialite Life]

Window Undressing It’s downtown Augusta’s latest attraction: three young women clad in lingerie who wave to passersby from a store window. The attention-grabbing models were hired by Spellbound, a lingerie store that recently opened on Water Street and is trying to establish its name. Spellbound’s owner, former Cony High School teacher Felicia Stockford, said she came […]