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Finding The Humor In Retail Displacement

by Mortierbrigade, Brussels [via AdHunt]

Fake Comedian Provokes Real Ad From Kazakhstan

In an attempt to counter Boratian misperceptions about its country, Kazakhstan has taken out a 4-page ad in today’s New York Times. The section, titled, “Kazakhstan in the 21st Century,” carried testimonials to its oil production, its democracy, education system, and purported “power and influence” of women. The feud has been simmering for the past […]

NCAA Uses Its Amateur Athletes To Sell Pontiacs

USA Today: Critics say a popular website — the Pontiac Game Changing Performance poll — puts the NCAA dangerously close to violating its own rules, as well as the rights of athletes for use of their image and name for commercial purposes. “This is a line they have never crossed before,” said Peter Rush, a […]

Nokia Product Information Yours For The Repurposing

There’s a new product blog on the block, and it’s not consumer-driven. It’s brand-driven. Nokia Nseries N90 Blogger Relations Blog site Welcome to the Nokia Nseries N90 Blogger Relations Blog site. Here you will find blogger and media information that you can repurpose and utilize in your blog postings about the N90. [via Micropersuasion]

Momentum Dudes Are Stoked

Chris Weil and Jeff Weiss of Momentum Worldwide The New York Times has an article on why these guys are stoked, but I found it hard to get past the photo.

Daddy Starbux Helps Struggling Artists In Their Midst

Lewis Lazare picked up on this Starbucks press release: As much as the coffee itself, the employees who serve it are what make the Starbucks experience unique. In an attempt to help customers better understand the real people who wear the Starbucks aprons, the company installed an elaborate multiscreen video wall at its 932 N. […]

Evhead Revisited

Odeo CEO (and Nebraska native), Evan Williams has some great advice for web-based startups. And he ought to know, having co-founded Blogger, which is now part of Google. #1: Be Narrow #2: Be Different #3: Be Casual #4: Be Picky #5: Be User-Centric #6: Be Self-Centered #7: Be Greedy #8: Be Tiny #9: Be Agile […]

Freegans Are Not Only Resistant To Advertising, But Commercialism Itself

The Times: The Thanksgiving holiday is over and the frenzied Christmas shopping season has begun. This is bonanza time for the tribe of rummaging Americans known as “freegans”. The anti-capitalist freegans — the name combines “free” and “vegan” — are so appalled by the waste of the consumer society that they try to live on […]