Fake Comedian Provokes Real Ad From Kazakhstan

In an attempt to counter Boratian misperceptions about its country, Kazakhstan has taken out a 4-page ad in today’s New York Times.

The section, titled, “Kazakhstan in the 21st Century,” carried testimonials to its oil production, its democracy, education system, and purported “power and influence” of women.
The feud has been simmering for the past year, after Borat and his frank depictions of life in his homeland (where, he claims, gypsies are still hunted for sport and women rank somewhere below farm animals in the pecking order) gained wide popularity in both the U.S. and the U.K. He also wrote the popular folk song, “Throw the Jew Down the Well.” A feature length film, “Borat: The Movie,” is currently in production.

Borat is otherwise known as Sasha Baron Cohen, who is otherwise known as “Ali G.” All 3 of them are probably lovin’ this. Oh yeah, and people were calling me Danny G. long before Ali G. ever came along.



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