Window Undressing It’s downtown Augusta’s latest attraction: three young women clad in lingerie who wave to passersby from a store window.
The attention-grabbing models were hired by Spellbound, a lingerie store that recently opened on Water Street and is trying to establish its name.
Spellbound’s owner, former Cony High School teacher Felicia Stockford, said she came up with the idea while brainstorming for an inexpensive marketing idea. “I thought, ‘You know, that’s a big window, and if I put girls in there to wave at traffic, it would draw a lot of attention.'”
Paid only in lingerie, the women said they volunteer because they love being seen.
“I enjoy it,” said Tara Manns, 20. “I enjoy the looks I get.”
“It’s good to get attention once and a while,” said Amanda Richards, 21.
“They’re exhibitionists,” said Stockford, noting that’s she’s had no trouble finding models for the window.



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