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Following Grapes On Their Journey To Wine

Vinography: A Wine Blog provides a handy list of wineries that maintain blogs. See the site for the complete list. Here are a few I’ve pulled for you to peruse at once (over a bold Cab, perhaps): Mia’s Harvest Blog Stormhoek Anne Amie Vineyards Atelier Winery Many of us may be familiar with Stormhoek via […]

Yes, Beer Does Give You Gas

CBS4 Denver: A Colorado-based company has been buying left-over Coors beer to create a fuel alternative. Merrick, based in Aurora, uses the extra beer from Coors to produce ethanol. Ethanol is mixed with gasoline in Colorado during winter months to cut down on pollution. “There’s a whole bunch of wasted beer that’s being dropped on […]

When Real Life Imitates Advertising

According to this Ad Age report, the entertainment industry isn’t doing enough to combat indecent programming on TV and government limits may be the answer. “My impression is the cable industry is compliant in promoting sexually explicit content and pornography in the home,” said Sen. Mark Pryor, D-Ark. “What you are doing may be legal, […]

Sneaker Love At

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Marketing Mind Meld

Corante has pulled out the big guns–including our friends Johnnie Moore and Tom Asacker–for its new Marketing Hub blog. Here’s a random sampling of what some of the contributors are saying. Shel Holtz: When I first became aware of RSS, Corante was one of the first sites I found employing the technology. I was immediately […]

Why We Get Into The Business In The First Place

W+K London team on a shoot in New Zealand

Blogebrtity On Blogging Obsession

Blogebrity: As the end of another year arrives, personal bloggers take stock in their lives. Unlike professional bloggers, their blogs are a labor of love. Sometimes, they begin to realize that that they have neglected their real lives in order to satisfy their blogging obsession. Their real friendships have disappeared, their marriages have broken up, […]

Steve’s Small Screen To Generate Massive Revenue For Content Makers

Edward Jay Epstein for Slate: Once upon a time—two generations ago—the movie business was about making movies. Nowadays, it is about creating intellectual property that can be licensed in a raft of different markets. The Hollywood studios still make movies, of course, but by 2005, only 14.2 percent of their revenues came from movie ticket […]