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Agencies In Strange Places: Ninth In A Series

Think Memphis–blues, barbeque, the mighty Mississippi and Elvis. Think Memphis again–Thompson & Company. Thompson & Company will be a firm that grows by encouraging and developing the personal genius of every employee, to the benefit of every client. I’d like to show you some of the agency’s print work, but they protect it with Flash. […]

Convicted Felon Will Write Ad Industry’s Code of Ethics

From Adweek: Former Ogilvy & Mather executive Shona Seifert today was sentenced in U.S. District Court here to 18 months imprisonment (and two years probation) for her role in a scheme to overbill the government’s $1 billion Office of National Drug Control Policy account to cover a $3 million revenue shortfall on the business. Seifert […]

Welcome To Spokane

There’s something wonderful about truth in advertising. Thanks to my friend, Evil Vince, for the image.

Sad Ballads Sell Tightey Whiteys

I would have never taken Lewis Lazare for a Southerner, nor a fan of country music, but his piece in today’s Sun Times reveals these personal truths. As it happens, Lazare rather likes the new Fruit of the Loom television from Richards Group. The new spot casts the familiar Fruit of the Loom icons, the […]

X-treme Athletes Pose As Saints

I’m not sure what devotional candles have to do with the X-Games, but the candles do make for some interesting out of home executions. Thanks to Flickr user, cybele-la for the image.

Big Guys Jump On Live Content Opportunities

New York Times: In a bid to widen significantly the audience for concerts and live events, America Online and XM Satellite Radio are backing a venture that will deliver live performances to Internet, satellite and wireless customers and through other media. The venture is expected to start offering its performances this fall. Many of them […]

Swallowing The Story Whole

According to Hostess, “as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory premieres on the big screen, Hostess Cup Cakes are trumpeting a blockbuster debut of their own. Limited-edition Chocolicious Wonka Cakes, featuring star-studded movie-themed packaging, yummy purple icing and smooth creamy filling, are making magic in stores nationwide.”

If You Can Make It There…

Adweek: Fallon Worldwide said it would no longer operate a full-service outpost in New York following the departures today of office president Anne Bologna and executive creative director Ari Merkin. “While we have loved doing business in New York, and have a great group of talent, the truth is that New York is not a […]