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Marketing Norwegian Sweaters And Steel Furniture

Dean Gemmell, president of Black Lab Five, an enthusiast marketing specialist in Michigan wants L.L. Bean to consider his shop for projects. He offers the letter he sent to Bean and details on his consequent conversations with “the sweet and polite Nadira Vallee at Pile & Company, the consultant handling the review process for L.L. […]

Coupons Movin’ Up In The World

DM News: Consumers who use Coupons Inc.

Oxymoron Of The Moment: Skank Chic

The Observer: Kate Moss’s very public scrap with Pete Doherty – which took place apres the Paris couture shows on a London-bound Eurostar train on Wednesday night – was much more than a mere row. It was a fashion statement. photo courtesy of Sakura Moss and Doherty are riding the vanguard of skank chic. It’s […]

Pantless Crooner Gets Ringtone Deal

Adfreak’s David Kiefaber knows how to break the really big stories. Looks like pop musicians and rapping cartoons aren

Satellite Radio A Hit With Baseball Fans

New York Times: Displaced baseball fans who used to need a pricey cable package or a high-speed Internet connection to follow their favorite teams now only require a hand-held satellite radio, the familiar voice of a hometown broadcaster and a healthy imagination. “I feel like a kid again,” said Nathan Olson, a Cubs fan from […]

The Home For The Strategically Challenged

Should art directors and copywriters become more involved in developing the strategy for the ads they work on? Can you do anything about if you’re handed a bad strategy? What if your client wants to push a bad strategy on you? That’s the focus of my new column on Hey, I never said I […]

Marinate In Vodka For Best Results

Lewis Lazare: Why are we not surprised that Fremont Co., one of the nation’s largest producers of sauerkraut, was having trouble getting younger consumers interested in its product? The rather unappetizing-sounding product name alone could turn off millions of customers. Lacking a giant advertising budget, the Fremont, Ohio-based company recently turned to an unlikely resource, […]

Just Do It

Al Ries writing in Ad Age says it’s imperative to describe one’s brand in three words. Powerful, long-lasting brands are built by owning a word in the mind. What