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Stores Not Ads

Austin American-Statesman: On a recent episode of the HBO drama “Six Feet Under,” Brenda Chenowith, one of the main characters, told her husband, Nate Fisher, to pick up some soy milk at Whole Foods on his way home. In March, actress Sandra Bullock gushed about Whole Foods’ just-opened downtown Austin store on David Letterman’s late-night […]

Product Placement – Buy Organic

USA Today: A convoy of brawny Nissan Titan pickups will ride into the new Dukes of Hazzard movie in August, while the Quest minivan will shuttle children in an NBC reality show called Meet Mister Mom. More recently, a Titan was parked on Desperate Housewives’ Wisteria Lane, where more than 20 million ABC viewers could […]

Is “Made In America” A Viable Brand Strategy Anymore?

The New York Times today reports on some sell sheets and marketing materials produced by Anheuser Busch that emphasizes the company’s American pedigree. According to the article: The materials consist of at least two sheets of information that apparently are meant to depict Anheuser-Busch as the brand of choice for patriotic Americans. One sheet criticizes […]

Influence Peddlers Mix It Up

Russell Beattie works on new mobile products at Yahoo. He’s also 6′ 2″ with graying hair, but I digress. Russell is pissed at P.R. people who pitch him without doing their homework first. In other words, he needs the pitch to be totally personalized. You know, now that people in Public Relations have “discovered” blogging, […]

Sleeping With Sharapova

Octopus Drop Kick reports on this truly odd brand extension (that steals from Nike and a famous athlete all at once). A Japanese company is offering pillows shaped like tennis star Maria Sharapova’s breasts and lap.

SUV Named For A Manhattan Neighborhood Perfect Your Next Trip To A Museum

Brandweek: Subaru is breaking a network TV and cable push for its first SUV, the B9 Tribeca. The effort, via Subaru’s new agency, DDB in New York, shows the SUV rolling along city streets. The spot, set to Kansas’ classic-rock staple Dust in the Wind, has other SUVs turning to dust, rusting away and becoming […]

Ballmer’s Blogging Bravery

Scoble: Microsoft has been a leader in transparency, blogging, and Channel 9. Why did you allow blogging to happen? Ballmer: In the world of developers I don

If A Chihuahua Can Sell Mexican Food, Why Not A Monkey?

MPR: Whiplash is a 19-year-old Capuchin monkey from Texas. He saddles up on a border collie, wears a sombrero, and rides to the rescue bearing Mexican fast-food. Of course, there’s a decent chance you already know this. For the Minneapolis-based Kerker ad agency, Whiplash is that holy grail of television advertising: A repeat character that […]