Sad Ballads Sell Tightey Whiteys

I would have never taken Lewis Lazare for a Southerner, nor a fan of country music, but his piece in today’s Sun Times reveals these personal truths.
As it happens, Lazare rather likes the new Fruit of the Loom television from Richards Group.

The new spot casts the familiar Fruit of the Loom icons, the Fruit Guys, as a country band — a wonderfully odd positioning — that we hear crooning an original country tune called “You Can’t Over Love.” As the lyric quickly reveals, the love you can’t get over is for your underwear.
The commercial’s visuals are full of people with terribly sad looks with “cold Kentucky rain” falling all around them. Lots of rain, which nicely reinforces the music’s corny sentiment.
You gotta like “You Can’t Over Love,” if only because the commercial dares use unabashedly emotional country music to get consumers to bond with Fruit of the Loom.

Also in today’s column, Lazare rips the spine from the Word of Mouth Marketing Association’s new book, Measuring Word of Mouth.

What is WOMMA trying to do?
Buzz used to be a fun, if somewhat ethereal part of the marketing mix.
But if our skim of the new book’s stultifying contents is any indication, this research goes a long way toward making word of mouth seem like just another bland marketing tool researchers with too much time on their hands are relentlessly over-analyzing.



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