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The United States of Wal-Mart

“It’s hard to know exactly when it happened, just as it’s impossible to know if, or when, it will end. But for now, it’s clear: We’re all Wal-Mart’s bitches.” – John Dicker I have to admit, I’m fascinated by Wal-Mart. I’ve written about this phenomenon before, as well as noted how Wal-Mart’s bumbling PR negates […]

75 To Get Lost In Their New Mini-Cooper

Promo Magazine: Dr Pepper is in the midst of giving away one Mini-Cooper convertible a day in an under-the-cap promo to boost summer sales and to encourage trial of its new Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper. Game codes can be found under yellow bottle caps on specially marked 20-ounce, 2-liter bottles and inside specially marked 12-pack […]

The Medium Is The Message

IF is featuring an interview with Niku Banaie, Naked’s director of innovations. Here’s a sample: Q. How will brands use portable wireless devices to interact with their audience as they become more prominent? A. The obvious idea is to transplant existing traditional ideas onto this medium, kind of like what happened with the web and […]

First Crispin Gets A Development Deal, Now These Guys

According to Variety, sophmoric web site, has struck a development deal with Paramount. The studio is looking for the next Animal House (good luck), and the web site’s founders are looking to get listed in the IMDb. signed a book deal with Penguin a few months ago, with the “ Guide to College” […]

SpongeBob Moves From BK Rooftops To The Produce Section

USA Today: Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants, who lives in a pineapple under the sea, soon will star on spinach, carrot and fruit bags in supermarkets. While the big marketers in the $70 billion food-and-beverage industry are trying to stave off regulation on marketing to children amid obesity concerns, Boskovich Farms (spinach), Grimmway Farms (carrots) and LGS […]

How True

Normally, liquor advertising has to be put through tight legal screens. Looks like New Orleans-based drinking establishments don’t play by those rules, which of course lends itself to better work. Creative courtesy of Sullivan St. Claire, Mobile, AL–a new contender for our “Agencies In Strange Places” series.

Can I Float This By You?

According to Lewis Lazare, on Wednesday, Outside magazine will host the first-ever Chicago Ad Cup, a sailing regatta for Chicago ad agency teams at the Columbia Yacht Club. The event celebrates Chicago’s inclusion on Outside’s list of the top 10 American dream towns in its August issue. My money’s on Y&R. Who do you like?

Yes Sir, I Love That Idea

Normally, advertising’s creative people come from previous occupations like bartender, cab driver or scuba instructor. But not David Bonner, the newly appointed senior vice president and chief creative officer at Louisville shop, Doe-Anderson. According to Adweek, Bonner, 39, worked at JWT Chicago, Gee Jeffrey & Partners and BBDO. But before that he was a federal […]