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What, No Bruce Springsteen?

City Rag is running a photographic expos

More Porn Creep

Crispin Porter + Bogusky is so clever. And hip. And irreverent. Wow, I wish I was one tenth as clever, hip and irreverent as their most lowly intern. If I was, I would have racked up a tractor trailer full of industry awards by now. Oh, here’s how the Coconut Grovies promote an award show: […]

Mr. Potato Head Lands New Role

Fresh Inc. points to the Organic Trade Association’s inventive spin on Star Wars, called Grocery Store Wars. All characters in Store Wars are live-action food puppets

Tin Million Uses

Altoids is conducting an interesting promotion. They want customers to display other uses for the Altoids tin. Although, they do not mention this, it’s a neat way to sell-in the recycling ethos. Chances are Altoids was aware of this guy’s iPod battery pack idea when they created the promo. I mean if Boing Boing knows […]

Leo Burnett Is Great, Even If They Do Say So Themselves

Here’s a choice nugget from Lewis Lazare’s column today, talking about the national ADDY awards: Leo Burnett won the Best of Show in the print category at the 2005 ADDY Awards for a Cort Guitars campaign. With 18 gold and five silver ADDYs, Burnett also was the most awarded agency in the competition. Burnett’s Deputy […]

Naomi Klein Is Going To Be Pissed

Adrants points to this Toronto Star article on McGraw-Hill’s efforts to place ads inside college text books. Thankfully, the random ad man asked to comment blasted the idea. “Textbooks are one of the last bastions,” said Randy Stein, a partner at Grip Media Ltd., a Toronto ad agency. “There are some things that should remain […]

When WiFi Alone Won’t Do

We recently reported on Casa Camper, the Spanish shoe manufacturer’s boutique hotel in Barcelona. According to Hotel Chatter, Apple Computer is now getting in on the hospitality action. The Tribeca Grand Hotel has just announced their new iStudio – a premium room outfitted with Apple’s latest multimedia technology. The iStudio comes equipped with: *a fully-loaded […]

AOR Is So Last Century

All agencies want to be Agency of Record. Just like all agencies want to be a partner, not a vendor. All agencies need to get over it. According to Adweek, Old Navy, which used to do some great advertising in-house, is over it. “We’ve changed our model,” Jonathan Finn from Old Navy said. “We’re looking […]