Archives for June 2005

Corporate Raider Has His Way With Havas

Ad Age: Havas shareholder Vincent Bollore won the four seats he demanded on the holding company

Go South Old Man

Adweek: After more than 20 years working in New York at some of the nation’s biggest agencies, Bob Potesky abandoned the capital of advertising for the capital of Mississippi. A former creative director at WPP Group’s Young & Rubicam, Potesky last month accepted the position of executive creative director at The Ramey Agency, a 55-person […]

Nazis Adopt New Logos

According to Spiegel, German neo-Nazis are sporting New Balance running shoes and other brands that meet their approval (for reasons surely lost on the brands themselves). So now they wear something they call the secret insignia of the right-wing scene: New Balance shoes. The “N” on the shoes is supposed to stand for “national.” Brands […]

Lay Your Hard-Earned Green On Blue

Given that only slightly more than half of our eligible voters make an effort to go to the polls during any given election, we know what people think about the political process. But hey, you can (and do) vote with your pocketbook–a more meaningful and frequent act. Eyeteeth: A journal of incisive ideas points us […]

Rousting Rost

While watching 60 Minutes last Sunday, I was impressed with their piece on the artificially high pricing of pharmaceutical drugs in this country (and the simple remedy to this corporate ill). The centerpiece of the story, Pfizer’s marketing vice president, Peter Rost, impressed me as a brave and honorable man. Of course, Pfizer is going […]

Well Done Web Sites

The Webby Awards–the leading international award honoring excellence in Web design, creativity, usability and functionality–held their gala celebration Monday, June 6, in NYC, at the landmark Gotham Hall, a majestic turn of the century ballroom. The Webbys were emceed by comedian Rob Corddry of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (which was surely worth the […]

VCs Handing Out Cash Again

Kevin Maney, USA Today’s technology writer, claims now is the time to launch a web-based business. “A savvy entrepreneur can get to proof-of-concept with a consumer Internet idea on less than $500,000 of capital,” says Dave Whorton, a venture capitalist at TPG Ventures. “Five years ago, it required 15 times more capital and three times […]

Celebrating Creative Genius

The Newest Industry points to Google’s logo de jour. The logo commemorates Frank Lloyd Wright’s birthday in 1867. And while Wright had nothing to do with advertising, the man was truly a creative’s creative.