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Social Networks On Slippery Slope

Molly Wood, a CNET editor, has published a piece claiming social networking doesn’t work. I’ve gotten a lot of invitations to Friendster over the years, which, to be honest, I ignored. I always just assumed I didn’t have time for that tomfoolery. Plus, I already had a boyfriend, and I already had friends. I know […]

Soul Patch For Sale (No, Not On eBay)

Columbus, OH ad agency, Young Issac, was written up in the print edition of Adweek recently. The source of their newfound fame is a viral effort directed not to unsuspecting and callous consumers, but to those jaded plebes who work in the ad biz, or hope to one day soon. Get creative with the click […]

The Great Meritocracy

USA Today is running an article on the power of the Harvard University brand. Here’s what I find interesting. According to research from the University of Pennsylvania, the percentage of top executives at Fortune 100 companies who were Ivy League undergrads dropped from 14% to 10% from 1980 to 2001. I wonder how many Ivy […]

Some Items Simply Sell Themselves

Plan On It

Nike brand planner, Russell Davies, has some choice words for those considering a career as a planner. 3. You Need An Enthusiasm For Brands And Communications And Advertising And That. Yes, lots of your friends think brands suck and are manipulative and are ruining the world. If you think that, then a) you’re mostly wrong […]

Grow Your Own

In what appears to be a pop culture-like brand hijacking, a Japanese firm has launched Campbell’s Seed. The seeds come in a tin that looks exactly the same as the red-and-white Campbell’s can except the word “soup” is replaced by “seeds”. Inside is a choice of seeds to grow miniature tomatoes, miniature pumpkins or green […]

Free Don’t Come For Free

Blogging has turned over another page. Thanks to Piers Fawkes of PSFK, we now have the subscription model to consider. Piers and cronies have debuted a new blog, IF, or Idea Forge, and they intend to charge for the content. IF is a daily digest of inspiration for brand planners and creative marketers. IF is […]

Say Hello To Stupid

We’ve got two series running on the site now´┐ŻAgencies in Strange Places and Outstanding Mission Statements. Maybe we ought to add a third series´┐Ż–Agency Lobby Art. Here’s what the folks at W+K London see each time they pass reception. “Blender Man” serves as a constant reminder of the ethos of the company and how we […]