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Stop The Madness

In an article on Slate, Seth Stevenson calls for an end for the kind of TV spots that make you go “huh?”: “Enough already with the “twisted” humor. The willful wackiness. The over-the-top, absurdist scenarios.” I’ve written about this before. It’s hard for advertising to push the envelope when real life already is doing a […]

Crack Berries Can Be A Pain

from Washington Post: The American Society of Hand Therapists issued a consumer alert in January saying that handheld electronics are causing an increasing amount of carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis. With that warning, the society included directions on how to properly hold the devices, urging users to take breaks and, if possible, place pillows in […]

Fast Times For Fast Food

When Janet Jackson exposed her breast during the Super Bowl halftime show, pundits called the stunt a calculated move to boost sales of her upcoming album. Then, a year later GoDaddy made good with a graphic Super Bowl commercial mocking the Congressional hearings held in response to Jackson’s stunt. Clearly, sex sells. Now, as before. […]

Google Goes Ad Crazy

Google will soon be experimenting with larger form ads, giving advertisers more control over where their ads are shown, how they pay for them and what they look like. Google’s market value is currently higher than Viacom and Disney. Ad people–planners, AE’s, media folks, and creatives alike–had better start including Google ads in their client’s […]

Redmond Not Immune From Culture War

There’s a bit of a tempest brewing over at Scoble’s blog. It seems The Scobleizer is upset that his employer, Microsoft, is not backing a controversial state house bill on anti-discrimination. Apparently, there’s a conservative pastor in the middle of the brouhaha, and that is what has Scoble’s ire up. He addresses Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s […]

Ads On Satellite Radio? Surely, He Can’t Be Sirius

In an interview with Ad Age, Mel Karmazin, the CEO of Sirus Satellite Radio, predicts that ad revenue on Sirius will reach $100 million by 2007, although the music stations won’t carry ads, just the news, sports and entertainment stations. Sounds to me like there’s a whole new opportunity for radio advertising to get more […]

Remembering New Coke

Let us pause (a pause that refreshes, if you will) to remember that this spring marks the 20th anniversary of the introduction of New Coke, one of the most studied marketing blunders of all time. I lived in Atlanta back then, and it wasn’t pretty. But the whole episode taught us a couple of things: […]

Are You Ready For The Participation Age?

“When the essence of marketing becomes the quality of the customer/corporate dialogue then the entire corporate culture changes and so does the world.” –Robert Patterson Shel Israel, who is co-writing a book with The Scobleizer on business blogging, posted an interview with Sun’s COO, Jonathan Schwartz. According to Isreal, Schwartz is the highest ranking blogger […]