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Waits Wants Cow’s Udder Removed From His Face

Tom Waits issued an entertaining, but serious,

Getting Jiggy With The Bloatosphere

Business Week is getting jiggy with the bloatosphere. Here’s the lead to their feature on blogs. Monday 9:30 a.m. It’s time for a frank talk. And no, it can’t wait. We know, we know: Most of you are sick to death of blogs. Don’t even want to hear about these millions of online journals that […]

Core For Sale

Agencies build brands for clients everyday, but often overlook the careful construction of their own. Core, in St. Louis, is not one of those agencies. Core For Sale, an online store peddling Core-branded merchandise, is a unique way to build the agency brand, and showcase the design sensibility of its hyper-talented staff. core is a […]

Wendy’s Chili Eater Gets Fingered For Larceny

Okay, I couldn’t resist that headline. But last night, Anna Ayala was arrested by San Jose police yesterday. There’ll be more details coming from the police this afternoon. There was some damage done to Wendy’s brand and sales, especially in San Jose and Ayala’s hometown of Las Vegas. Despite the jokes and the gross-out factor […]

Gary Goldsmith Leaves Lowe

Here’s a recap of some big news in the Ad world, as Gary Goldsmith, a well-respected CD and former president of The One Club, is being replaced as Chief Creative Officer of Lowe. Read the article–and then read between the lines and draw your own conclusions. I’ve got a decent memory, but let me see […]

KFC Puts The “Kentucky” And The “Fried” Back Where It Belongs

USA Today and several other media outlets are reporting on the new concept from YUM Brands of Louisville, KY

Ann Coulter Doesn’t Like How She Looks

One would think Ann Coulter would be thrilled to be on the cover of Time Magazine. But no. On Hannity + Colmes last night she claimed to not have read the article. She says she stopped at the “elongated funhouse photo.” Well, you know, a hundred years of Madison Avenue advertising suggests that it’s not […]

Why Does “An Army Of One” Need My Son?

Sun Times advertising columnist, Lewis Lazare, explores the rigorous work being done by Leo Burnett on behalf of the Army. Gosh, it’s gotta be tough — crafting commercials that persuade parents to encourage their offspring to enlist in the Army, when almost every day we see and read of more carnage in Iraq. And Iraq, […]