Ann Coulter Doesn’t Like How She Looks

One would think Ann Coulter would be thrilled to be on the cover of Time Magazine. But no. On Hannity + Colmes last night she claimed to not have read the article. She says she stopped at the “elongated funhouse photo.”

Well, you know, a hundred years of Madison Avenue advertising suggests that it’s not a good idea to put an elongated funhouse photo of a girl next to — if you’re trying to sell a car or toothpaste. Just a month ago, Graydon Carter, the editor of Vanity Fair, said, “No more men on the covers. We’re going to put attractive photos of females.” So apparently, Time magazine is willing to sell fewer magazines in order to run an unflattering photo of a conservative.

And here I thought the image, to say nothing of Time’s reporting, was rather flattering.
Thanks to Media Matters for breaking it all down.



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