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Quote Of The Day

“They’ve [Goodby] done a great job, but we got to a point where we needed an agency that could handle all of our marketing,” said Henry Gomez, an eBay spokesperson. “At the end of the day, Goodby is a boutique in San Francisco, and we got to the point where we need a bit more […]

Making The Synapses Pop

Adfreak, New York Daily News and The Wall Street Journal are all reporting on the richest man in the world’s preference for Diet Orange Crush. While Bil Gates needs no income from an endorsement deal, maybe Cadbury Schweppes could provide the 20,000+ square foot Gates’ home with an Orange Crush vending machine. Or not.

Humiliation Has A Price

eBay is making industry news this week for dumping Goodby Silverstein + Partners and calling them a “vendor” in the process, quite possibly a first for GSP. But Adpulp is more interested in the seedier side of eBay. According to, a Knoxville, TN woman has auctioned off her last name on eBay for $15,199. […]

Parsons Parses

GoDaddy’s Super Bowl ad, in which a buxom woman assures a panel at a Senate hearing that her top won’t fall off during a commercial, received the highest recall rating of all the game’s advertisers, according to ACNielson. The day after the game, site visits spiked to 1.1 million, about five times more visits than […]

Desperate Housewives And Desperate Senators

A shameless plug-ola for my new Talent Zoo column. Enjoy. Avid Adpulp readers will note I briefly touched on this before.

Rich Guy Likes His Battles Big

Boing Boing’s Xeni Jardin caught up with Mark Cuban recently to discuss his latest, and perhaps greatest, business challenge–building the first all-digital theater empire. Here are some excerpts from her Wired article: Getting to the Bunker, as Mark Cuban’s assistants call his underground office, means tunneling deep into the American Airlines Center, the 20,000-seat stadium […]

Ask Better Questions. Get Better Results.

Adweek reports that John Livengood has been promoted to executive creative director at DDB Seattle. No doubt for lucid thinking like this: “My whole perspective is, creatives need to change the questions we ask,” he said. Instead of asking clients what they want in terms of campaign components, Livengood suggested, “ask them what they want […]

eBay Pimpin’ Gangsta Garb

from San Jose Mercury News: Looking for the latest Norte