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West Coasters – AdPulp wants a contributor or two is looking for a regular contributor or two from the west coast. Preferably, we’d like to see someone currently in an agency environment or brand shop, but it certainly isn’t a requirement. All we insist upon is an ability to form coherent sentence or two, a love for the ad/marketing game, the ability to […] Is Nowheresville

Adam L. Penenberg an assistant professor at New York University, writing in Wired says, “It might be hard to believe that The Wall Street Journal is in danger of becoming irrelevant, but it is. Because you have to subscribe to access both current news articles and the archive, the Journal is leaving only a faint […]

Tomorrow’s Media Today

If you haven’t seen it yet, blogger and all-around media thinker Robin Sloan has created an 8-minute Flash movie called EPIC 2014 that you may find interesting. Or cool. Or scary. Or ridiculous. Either way, I dare you to watch and not post a comment.

Phishing Nets Cast Far And Wide

I woke this morning to an email from claiming I had visited 40+ illegal web sites. It went on to demand that I open a zip file and answer questions therein. Of course, I junked it at once. Just the same, it’s nice to confirm it’s all a phishing scam. from CNET: The FBI […]

Because It Takes A Free Hand To Dial

Thanks to Jack Cheng for pointing us to this innovative product placement idea from Pizza Hut and Sony, where gamers can simply type “/pizza” and seamlessly send for a hot pie. I don’t know much about gamers and gaming, but I do know it’s an obsessive habit. Therefore, building an order mechanism into the game […]

GM Is Not Afraid

Earlier this week Neville Hobson had the opportunity to interview Michael Wiley, Director New Media, GM Communications, at General Motors. Here’s an excerpt. Neville: What are your primary objectives for the GM FastLane Blog? Michael: To get beyond our old ways of communication with a new direct line of communication to all stakeholders. Typical communication […]

Bad Viral Advertising Is Quickly Spreading Like, Well, A Virus

This article from London’s Globe and Mail details the story of 2 guys who used Bryan Adams’ upcoming new album as the focus of a fake viral site called Who Ordered Room Service? I think viral advertising may have Jumped the Shark. AdLand dives deeper into this discussion. UPDATE: The Globe and Mail is based […]

The Sweet Smell Of Success

from Promo Magazine: Country music sensation Shania Twain has teamed with Stetson Fragrances to develop and market a fragrance line. Twain is a five-time Grammy winner and the best-selling female country artist of all time. “The electricity that surrounds her stirs up emotions with heartfelt messages and moves millions of people around the world,” Marsha […]