GM Is Not Afraid

Earlier this week Neville Hobson had the opportunity to interview Michael Wiley, Director New Media, GM Communications, at General Motors. Here’s an excerpt.
Neville: What are your primary objectives for the GM FastLane Blog?
Michael: To get beyond our old ways of communication with a new direct line of communication to all stakeholders. Typical communication is issuing press releases, talking to the media, who re-purpose your messages for you, and there’s no way for customers to get their thoughts back to you. We’ve been wanting to create this direct line of communication so that our various stakeholders aren’t going to message boards to talk about us – they have an opportunity to come and talk directly to us. We’re big into getting feedback from our customers, employees and others, taking their comments to become a better company and develop better products. We’re really getting some excellent feedback. Just about every discussion we have on the FastLane blog, we’ve had an excellent dialog.



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