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You Can’t Handle The Truth

Danny G., like me, finds little of interest in the recent VW viral ad brouhaha. In his latest piece for Talent Zoo, he writes: “So when Mother Nature is the one that


In certain quarters, there’s a lot of talk about the death of advertising. Frankly, I find it hard to take seriously. I’m willing to grant that the industry has a head cold. And I’m willing to grant that blogs and other new media delivery systems can make it better, when properly administered. As far as […]

Toyota’s Smart

Business 2.0 named Toyota the Smartest Company of Year. With good reason: the Prius, the Scion and its marketing campaign, even something that other car companies take for granted–a minivan. But, I can’t read all about it without a paid subscription. $6.99 for the year. $4.99 for six issues. Which leads me to ask, “Why […]

Split Open And Melt

from NY Times: Sun Microsystems said Tuesday that its Solaris 10 operating system would soon be available on an open-source basis, a move the company hopes will help counter the perception that its technology is too proprietary and pricier than the competition. The decision means the software will be free and that programmers outside Sun […]

Bud Still Struggling To Find Taste

from Adweek: Anheuser-Busch considered running a spot during this year’s upcoming Super Bowl that parodies Janet Jackson’s infamous “wardrobe malfunction” that took place during the halftime show of last year’s game, but decided against it after consultation with Fox and NFL officials. “We basically came to the conclusion at the same time” that the commercial, […]

“Hype” Er Text

Yesterday, I wrote this comment on Tom Asacker’s blog. “There’s so much evangelizing of blogs (by bloggers) right now, it makes me wonder if it’s authentic exuberance or defensive posturing.” Tom replied to me via e-mail. “I think it is authentic, perhaps just as Heaven’s Gate members were being authentic.” I too have been thinking […]

Guerillas Adopted By Toronto Shop

Bensimon-Byrne, a Toronto agency working on Molson, Scotia Bank and Ottawa Renegades, among other accounts, have hired Brendan Watson and Jana Ranjitkumar as a creative team. After meeting with David Rosenberg, creative director at Bensimon-Byrne, Brendan and Jana followed up by baking and delivering a cookie in the shape of the “flying-H” Hyundai logo, an […]

Can You Relate?

by San Grewal and Raju Mudhar of the Toronto Star: It’s not enough for a company to just sell you a product any more. The goal is for you to live the lifestyle any given product is supposed to represent