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Press Release Needs Grease

I’ve been giving the Cluetrain crew a hard time of late, so I’ll flip the script this time and give them a shout out. One of the Cluetrain’s guiding principals (no. 14 to be exact) says, “Corporations do not speak in the same voice as these new networked conversations. To their intended online audiences, companies […]

Bud Conducts Taste Test At The Times

Chicago Sun Times advertising columnist, Lewis Lazare, got a little hot under the collar this week when Anheuser-Busch used Stuart Elliot of the New York Times to screen, approve and promote their upcoming Super Bowl ads. “Upending what had long been a strict rule of not allowing anyone in the media to see complete versions […]

Cluetrainers Need To Get A Clue

One of the blogerati’s heavyweights weighed in today on how amazing the Cluetrain Manifesto is, and how clueless VW is for not understanding its inner most workings. “If I were you, VW, I would hold a contest to get people to create the best damned VW commercial anywhere and promise to spend big bucks to […]

For Lovemarks To Count They Must Be Genuine Article

The anti-Lovemarks argument just found its voice (or at least one I can readily comprehend), thanks to Rob at Bad Marketing. He writes: “Lovemarks isn’t complete bunk. The vitriolic response comes because this ad agency has created and hyped the idea, and pretends they can recreate, even manufacture it. Most of us probably have some […]

Currying Favor

MicroPersuasion is running a piece on podcasting pioneer Adam Curry. Curry recently spoke to Fortune about the podcasting network he’s launching. Just as blogs have challenged mainstream media, Curry predicts that podcasts will take on radio and satellite. “With podcasting, people can tune out the world and listen to whatever they choose,” says Curry. “In […]

Land Lines Put Out To Pasture

By Chris Woodyard, USA TODAY For some workers, the desktop telephone is joining the adding machine and typewriter on the list of obsolete office equipment. In a move that other companies might soon follow, Sprint announced Monday that about 8,000 employees at Ford Motor will jettison their desktop phones and use cell phones exclusively. Ford […]

Buzz Marketing Causes Bit Of A Headache

Like the VW suicide bomber spot I’ve tried to avoid, I also intentionally passed on the “Andrew Fischer’s head as clever media buy” story. So, why cover either story now? Because it’s believed both are hoaxes. According to comments made on Adrants, the wining eBay bidder for ad space on the Omaha man’s head, Melody […]

Old Boy Gets All Visceral

MIAMI, Jan. 26 /CNW/ — Bob Jeffrey, Worldwide CEO of JWT, the largest advertising agency in the U.S. and the fourth largest in the world, today introduced a new agency point of view that recognizes that time is at a premium, and advertising needs to focus on buying people’s time. “Time is the new currency,” […]